Sailing Schools

Sailing Schools


Marina Dorica is not only for pleasure boating but it is also a dynamical reality believing in sport (in 2013 it hosted the World Championship of Offshore Sailboat Racing  ORC WORLDS …link ) and  investing in the future of the youth.

The Sports Area (the eastern square of the marina) was conceived to support competitive activities, offering a complex of infrastructures enabling collective training to the teams of the clubs facing the piers of Marina Dorica.

Competitive groups such as SEF Stamura, Lega Navale Italiana, Assonautica Provinciale and Ancona Yacht Club have undertaken a systematic training activity at the new Sports Area which includes two slipways, ground stationing areas, and a boat davit for watercrafts assisting the teams.  There is also a small building with changing rooms, services and boat storage on the ground floor and head offices of SEF Stamura and Lega Navale Italiana Ancona on the first floor.

For all information on sailing courses:

  • SEF Stamura tel. 071 2075324
  • Lega Navale tel. 071 206656
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