Marinadorica loves the sea and is committed to a sustainable future, which is one of its main objectives, pursued with tangible actions and projects; but sustainability is also a way of thinking, living, and working every day.

A plant to treat the water used to clean hulls, with chemical-physical treatment, first rainfall and remote monitoring system of process parameters, started operating in 2014. The second mobile pumping station for waste and bilge water was launched in 2022.

Marinadorica also wants to give its contribution to the fight against deforestation and for some years has been using composite wood planks produced with wood waste (WPC) in place of tropical wood. Every year replacing around 400 sqm of decking we preserve the equivalent of 7 tonnes of forest.

The 3 Seabins currently in operation every year collect around 100 kg of litter from the waters of the marina.

Obviously, our commitment to the environment could not ignore energy.

Since 2015, all public lighting at the marina is powered by Led technology, this has reduced consumption by over 40%, saving around 70,000 kWh.

In 2018-2019 we installed more than 200 power pedestals to supply boats with electricity and water. The project has allowed to save 250,000 kWh of electricity per year and 13,000 cubic meters of water per year.

Between 2018 and 2020, Marinadorica has replaced over 1 Km of water pipes and has adopted a monitoring system with weekly meter readings that compares consumption data with standard period data. The project has further reduced water consumption by 10,000 cubic metres per year.

Waste management is also a priority. By implementing strict procedures and setting up numerous collection and recycling points, Marinadorica controls and manages on-board waste separately from any commercial waste or special waste from minor boat maintenance.

Preserving, protecting, and improving the marina environment and the sea is a duty for anyone who works and visits our marina.

In 2019, Marina Dorica S.p.A. obtained the RINA environmental certification meeting UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, and bases its daily activities on its Environmental Management System and its Environmental Policy, asking everyone who works or visits the marina to respect a specific Environmental Code of Conduct.

Extraction and disposal of on-board waste, THE SEA BELONGS TO EVERYONE (watch the video).
Marina Dorica has a mobile pumping station to extract and dispose of on-board waste directly at the berths.
For Marina Dorica protecting the environment is not a slogan, its a daily choice that involves actions, instruments, services, and communication.