As would be expected, Marinadorica is the reflection of the marine tradition and spirit of the city of Ancona – founded by Greek settlers from Syracuse in 387 BC. – and historically connected to the sea, port activities, and navigation, because of its strategic location on the Adriatic coast, and renowned for the beauty of its coast around Mount Conero.

This enviable geographic position sparked Ancona’s passion for pleasure sailing.

In the 70s and 80, pleasure crafts already exceeded 1000 units and were moored around the Mole Vanvitelliana and on the western side of the harbour, adjacent to the area in which the future marina would be built.

This lively environment of pleasure crafts, yachting clubs, specialist operators and boatyards, led to the construction of Marinadorica.

Inaugurated in September 2000, this modern marina is the result of an original and innovative initiative born from the collaboration of public entities and a consortium of private enterprises, with the City, yachting clubs, and marine businesses, all coming together in a sort of “public shareholding” with the aim of “giving the sea back to the locals” and creating a marina structured in a way that would allow everyone to enjoy sailing and the sea to the fullest.

Today, Marinadorica is one of the largest and most modern marinas in Italy, awarded the Blue Flag since 2011, renowned and appreciated for its architectural beauty and the quality of the services it offers. A marina that with its tradition for hospitality and its beautiful riviera is not just an ideal waypoint but also the perfect destination for anyone who loves the sea and sailing.

The western side of the harbour in the 60s