Ancona is a historic city overlooking the heart of the Adriatic Sea, on the slopes of  Mount Conero.  It was founded by the Greeks 2400 years ago who named it “Ankon” (“elbow” in Greek) due to its distinctive shape. Its position has allowed the city to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets on the sea and has favoured the development of maritime activities.  The characteristics and beauty of its coast, one of the few rocky ones to be found on the Adriatic, along with its strategic position, has boosted the development of maritime activities and enabled Ancona, throughout the years, to become an important landmark for trade to and from the East.
Today, Ancona is a modern city, the capital of the Marche region, which continues to live around its port and  welcomes seafarers.

All of the city’s traditions and maritime spirit is reflected upon the reality of Marina Dorica.  Inaugurated in September 2000, this modern marina is the result of an innovative operation on the Italian scene; in fact, although Marina Dorica includes both a public member and a consortium of private operators, it was created with the will to “give back  the sea to the people”  through a sort of  “supporters’ trust” between the various Yacht Clubs which  hold the majority of shares.  This aspect and the high level of services offered by Marina Dorica, represent the truest evidence  of the locals’ passion for the sea and its port.
Today, Marina Dorica is one of Italy’s biggest and most modern marinas, Blue Flag since 2011, and it  is strongly committed to  its tradition of welcoming people arriving on its breathtaking Riviera.

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